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First look at citizenship test

Thanks for taking the test, your results are below.

Total Score: 19/20

1.  Which colours are represented on the Australian flag?
Correct answer : Blue, red and white
Your answer : Blue, red and white

2.  Indigenous people have lived in Australia for ...
Correct answer : At least 40,000 years
Your answer : At least 40,000 years

3.  Australia's national flower is the ...
Correct answer : Wattle
Your answer : Wattle

4.  Which is a popular sport in Australia?
Correct answer : Cricket
Your answer : Cricket

5.  Australia's political system is a ...
Correct answer : Parliamentary democracy
Your answer : Parliamentary democracy

6.  The Capital of Australia is...
Correct answer : Canberra
Your answer : Canberra

7.  Which animals are on the Australian Coat of Arms?
Correct answer : Kangaroo and emu
Your answer : Kangaroo and emu

8.  Where did the first European settlers to Australia come from?
Correct answer : England
Your answer : England

9.  Who is Australia's head of state?
Correct answer : Queen Elizabeth II
Your answer : Prime Minister John Howard

10.  Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
Correct answer : Sir Edmund Barton
Your answer : Sir Edmund Barton

11.  What song is Australia's national anthem?
Correct answer : Advance Australia Fair
Your answer : Advance Australia Fair

12.  What do you call the elected head of a state government?
Correct answer : Premier
Your answer : Premier

13.  Which federal political party or parties are in power?
Correct answer : Liberal Party and National Party
Your answer : Liberal Party and National Party

14.  Which of the following are Australian values?
Correct answer : All of the above
Your answer : All of the above

15.  Australia's values are based on the ...
Correct answer : The Judaeo-Christian tradition
Your answer : The Judaeo-Christian tradition

16.  What does Anzac Day commemorate?
Correct answer : The Gallipoli landing
Your answer : The Gallipoli landing

17.  In what year did the first European settlers arrive?
Correct answer : 1788
Your answer : 1788

18.  How many states are there in Australia?
Correct answer : 6
Your answer : 6

19.  Australian soldiers fought in ...
Correct answer : All of the above
Your answer : All of the above

20.  What is Australia's biggest river system?
Correct answer : The Murray Darling
Your answer : The Murray Darling

If you scored ...

Less than 12: With a score of below 60 percent, you have failed the exam. Real immigrants may be allowed one more try before being denied citizenship.

12 or more: Congratulations, you have passed the immigration test.


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